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Medical Qualifications:
- Attestation De Reconnaissance Un Diplome De Medecine, La Commission Des Professions Medicales MEBEKO, Confederation Suisse, Berne, 2010
- Attestation De Reconnaissance Denomination Du Titre Federal Correspondant "Medicine Practicien", La Commission Des Professions Medicales MEBEKO, Section Fromation Postgrade, Confederation Suisse, Berne, 2010
- Authorisation D'exercer La Medicine Dans Le Canton Du Valais, Le Department Des Finances, Des Institutions Et Da La Sante, Canton Du Valaise, Sion, 2010
- Authorisation D'exercer La Medicine Dans Le Canton Du Vaud , July’10
- Attestation de Certification La Membre Ordinaire de la Societe Medicale du Valais ; Adherence a la Convention Cantonale, 18.11.10.
- Adherence de la Federation des Medicins Suisses(FMH), Berne, 24.11.10
- General Medical Council Certificate of Full Registration as a Medical Practitioner
- PMETB Certificate of Completion of Specialist Training in General Practice
- Associated Member of Royal College of General Practitioners
- Diploma of Faculty of Family Planning and Reproductive Health Care. Admitted as a Diplomate of the Faculty.
- Specialization in Ophthalmology, Graduation with Excellence, Military Medical Internatura of Russian Air Force, Krasnogorsk, Moscow, Russia, 1999
- MBBS equivalent, Medical Doctor, Senior Leuitenant of Russian Air Force, Samara State Medical University, Military Medical Faculty, all graduation exams with excellence, Samara, Russia,1997
- Graduation with Distinction in every subject, Gold Medal, Kislovodsk 'Lenin' s High School, 1991
Aesthetic Training Qualifications:
- Allergan UK Validation Certificate of Successful Completion of Vistabel/Botox Injector Validation Programme.
- Certificate of successful completion the Q-MED injection technique training course for the use of RESTYLANE range, London.
- Certificate of Proficiency in Injecting Revolumising Hyaluronic Acid Based Fillers,’ Belotero’, Merz Aesthetics, SA, London
- Certication a participee a cours specialise du ‘concept’ Nimue Skin Technolgy, Dubendorf, Esthetic Med SA, Suisse.
- Sanofi Aventis Dermatology Department Certificate of Proficiency in Administering Sculptra.
- Sanofi Aventis Dermatology Certificate of Attendance Scupltra Update Training Course, London, UK
- Certificate of Proficiency in Neostrata Product Range and SRS Peeling System
- Certificate of Proficiency in SkinTech, Easy TCA and One Touch SRS Peeling System
- Dental and Facial Aesthetic Association Certificate of Specialist Training in Botox Administration
- Dental and Facial Aesthetic Association Certificate of Specialist Training in Restylane Touch, Restylane Lip, Restylane and Perlane Administration
- Dental and Facial Aesthetic Association Certificate of Specialist Training in Sculptra Administration.
The Clinic
Esplendor UK
Esplendor is a well established cosmetic clinic in the UK. We offer non-surgical cosmetic treatments to both men and women of all ages over 18. Since opening several years ago we have treated hundreds of patients most of whom have become our regulars, we greatly appreciate their loyalty to us and in return we maintain the highest quality service together with the best prices in the UK. In addition to this every patient receives a 10% discount when introducing a new patient to us.