About Dr Verbitskaya




I am very lucky, and proud to say, that I inherited my inner and outer beauty from my parents. To be absolutely frank with you being an attractive woman has not only helped me to succeed in life; but has also made my life more enjoyable by boosting my self-esteem and confidence. As with us all, compliments about my skin and good looks always make me feel better.

As most of us do, I took my beauty for granted for over 30 years and then one day… I couldn’t believe my eyes, I was horrified… Long working hours and night shifts in the hospital, and the stresses of everyday life had taken their toll. I looked tired, my skin showed unwanted lines and it appeared dull and lifeless. Not only did I dislike my own reflection in the mirror but the knowledge of me ageing made my ‘FEEL GOOD’ factor go away – despite my expensive new clothes, shoes and bags!


It was time to do something about it! I searched the net and telephone directories, visited numerous clinics and gained a very good idea of the treatment I needed - but I still wasn’t sure that I wanted to trust my face to any of them. The answer was simple – I trained to do all the treatments myself. I was then able to reverse the ageing process for myself and restore my ‘FEEL GREAT’ factor. I have also used my skills, knowledge and confidence in the treatments to improve the appearance of my family and friends.

I can assure you 100% that there is no treatment that I offer to my patients that I have not already used on myself and my family and friends.

I would love you to be happier in your life and I know from my own experience that when you look great, you feel great and life is even better!!!

With my best wishes to all of you,