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Esplendor Testimonials

.. Excellent. Dr E. Verbitskaya did her job very professionally. I am very happy. She is gentle, caring and very professional. ..
35 y.o. female patient, July.

.. Thank you dear Doctor Elvira Verbitskaya for your professional job, for your kind advices and that my and my mum's health became much better. ..
46 y.o. female patient, August.

.. Thank you Dr Verbitskaya, very nice doctor. I'm sorry my English is limited. ..
34 y.o. female patient, June.

.. Very happy, very satisfied, seen twice. Very reassuring and cleared the conditions I came in with. ..
73 y.o. male patient, June.

.. I have recently visited the surgery and have seen Dr Verbitskaya twice who has been very thorough in her treatment to me and explained the problems very fully. ..
72 y.o. male patient, May.

.. Dear Doctor Elvira Verbitskaya, thank you for being there on my behalf. I am so grateful that you are in my life. You are to me a gift from God. Not only as a doctor, but also as a person and a friend. With much appreciation. ..
26 y.o. female patient, December.

.. To Dr Verbitskaya... I would like to thank you for supporting me with my weight. If it wasn't for you I wouldn't have any hope within myself. You're not just an excellent doctor, you are the best doctor I have ever had. I am going to dread the moment you leave this surgery. Thanks again... ..
39 y.o. male patient, September.

.. Dr Verbitskaya, just a small token of our appreciation for your help and kindness with our problems. ..
65 y.o. female patient, February.

.. Thank you for all the care and understanding you have given to me over the last few months. You are an amazing doctor and I wish you every success in your new appointment. ..
38 y.o. male patient, August.

.. I just felt I should write and say thank you to Dr Verbitskaya. I came to see her as an emergency appointment on 16th June in a lot of pain. I just thought I would need a course of antibiotics and I would be fine, but Dr Verbitskaya was very concerned and was adamant I should have an ambulance to hospital. Against my wishes she persuaded me I needed to go, albeit I drove myself. Well, she certainly knows her stuff because I ended up staying in hospital with what I believe to be a kidney infection and septicemia. ..
45 y.o. male patient, July.

.. After several appointments with Dr Elvira Verbitskaya following an emergency hospital admission for a suspected heart attack, I felt I had to write to the practice to say how impressed I have been with her care. Dr Blakemore has given me support and advice during this difficult time. Her cheery personality and friendly manner and her ability to explain things have made my unexpected Angina diagnosis less frightening. Her contact with West Suffolk Hospital to expedite an out patients appointment for me has been most appreciated. I have, today, been seen by a cardiologist and have been told that I will be admitted for an Angiogram in about 4 weeks. The hope of returning to better health is now much closer. Having all my appointments with her has given me continuity of care and I shall be happy to consult with her in the future when she is acting as Locum again. I only wish she was a permanent Dr within the practice. ..
53 y.o. male patient, May.

.. I now know more about myself than I ever did and will certainly be taking advantage of the great life style services she has to offer ..
59 y.o. female patient, December.

.. Even after this short time, I am very pleased with my progress, it feels like I have got my life back and l'm more confident that I can undertake more physical activities again! Many thanks for the help you have given and for your continued support ..
44 y.o. male patient, October.

.. I love my new lips, your magic worked again, as always! ..
44 y.o. female patient, September.

.. No one ever listened to me the way you did, Dr. Verbitskaya, just talking to you helped me to help myself ..
35 y.o. female patient, September.

.. I lost 3 stones in 3 months! Can't believe it myself, I am so happy!!! I would never have done it if it wasn't for you, Dr. Verbitskaya ..
55 y.o. female patient, September.

.. I felt I had to write to you to say how impressed I have been with your care. You have given me support and advice during this difficult time and your cheery personality and friendly manner with your ability to explain things have made my unexpected diagnosis less frightening ..
61 y.o. male patient, July.

.. I looked and felt so great, which I haven't done for ages, and so many people told me how great I looked, which I haven't heard for ages, thank you so much for all work you have done on my face, Elvira, the results are fantastic ..
41 y.o. female patient, July.

.. I found your manner excellent, you took time to explain all the elements of my illness and made clear the actions I need to take to help myself?your high degree of medical knowledge and very relaxing but knowledgeable style; will miss you loads! No one to cheer up the day with lovely clothes and cheeky laugh ..
58 y.o. female patient, May.

.. just to say Thank you! You were both methodical and meticulous, may I add charming and pleasant ..
39 y.o. male patient, May.

.. what a lovely doctor you are! very kind, caring, dedicated and thorough?very pleased ..
67 y.o. female patient, June.

.. one hundred percent professional, brilliant explanations, gave me great confidence in you was extremely impressed ..
73 y.o. male patient, June.

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