Women's Health
After the menopause many women experience changes to their vagina and genital area; this change is known as Atrophic Vaginitis. The symptoms may include dryness, discomfort during sex and urinary symptoms. These can usually be eased with treatment. Treatment options include: hormone replacement therapy (HRT), oestrogen cream or pessaries, and lubricating gels.

Oestrogen Creams
Sometimes a cream, pessary or vaginal ring containing oestrogen is prescribed. This restores oestrogen to the vagina and surrounding tissues without giving oestrogen to the whole body. Usually the treatment is used every day for about two weeks, and then twice a week for a further three months. After this, the effect of the treatment may be assessed by your doctor. This treatment usually works well but the symptoms may recur after a period of time on stopping the treatment. Repeated courses of treatment are often necessary. It is important to follow the instructions about the amount of cream to use.

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